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We started back in 1997 when a group of Publican's (individuals who own Pub's) banded together to ensure young backpackers were provided with the best working holiday opportunities to the UK 

Our founders wanted to give young Aussie, Kiwi and Canadians arriving in London a head start, with a paid job and comfortable accommodation. The Original London Pub Co was born and started helping travellers feel confident on arrival. In 2009, we rebranded to the UK Pub Co, which better represented our growing operation that now covers the entire UK! Our enthusiastic and knowledgable full-time staff are ready to answer your questions and support you in preparation for one of the best years of your life. 

Our Story

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Benefits of the UK Pub Co.

There are two key benefits about working holiday placements with the UK Pub Co. Firstly, we plan to place you with your job before your chosen arrival dates, that way you know you’ve got work to walk into. Secondly, all our working holiday UK jobs come with accommodation, so you’ve got a place to live as well. A big part of all of this is that our programme gives you piece of mind. Arriving in the UK without a job can be very costly, with our help, we place you into a paid job which means less stress, less time without work and less money spent trying to get settled in a new country. 

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