Budget Planning

As you prepare to head off to the UK on the adventure of a lifetime it’s important to consider all the costs and be financially prepared. If you’re planning on finding work independently you’ll need to make sure you have enough funds to support yourself while you secure something. This can take time and really add up!

Our UK working holiday programs will give you extra security and assistance with the big move so you don’t need to worry about struggling to find work or running out of money! You’ll be able to pack your bags with confidence, knowing that you’ll have secure and comfortable work and accommodation ready for your arrival. We think that a live-in pub job is the ideal way to set yourself up in the UK, and compared to other placements you’ll be saving heaps. You’re not going to get stung with high rent costs, expensive bonds, nasty bills, or costly travel fares like you can in other positions. Let’s crunch some numbers and compare…


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