Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a series of the most common questions regarding the program. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or by using our contact form on the website. 

We’ve been in business since 1997 we have more than 750 employment partners on our books, and we arrange UK employment placements thousands of young people each year.
There are two key things about our service that are most important. Firstly, we aim to confirm your job before you leave home, that way you know you’ve got work upon arrival. Secondly, all of our jobs come with accommodation, so you’ve got a place to live as well. A big part of all of this is that our program gives you piece of mind. Arriving in the UK without a job can be very costly – with our help, we get you into a job and earning money fast – which means less stress, less time without work, and less money spent trying to get settled in a new and confusing country.
Yes, we will be available throughout your entire placement. We are also able to assist with new jobs during your working holiday (once you have stayed out the 4-6 month minimum commitment at your initial job placement). If you’d like to book a 2nd placement, we would be able to do this at a small additional fee.
Once we’ve got everything we need for your employment file, we send it off to our UK office and they will look for a job for you based on the start work date that you have given us. The pub managers in our network advise us of the vacancies they have and we send them a selection of candidates to choose from. Once you are selected, we will send a job offer to you which will have a summary of all the basic terms and conditions of your employment – including the wages, the hours, the type of accommodation, the food policy (many of the pubs have a free or subsidised meal as part of the package), uniforms (if you need one, it’s usually just black trousers or black skirt, black shoes etc), the location, and the website. All of this information is provided directly by the managers of the pubs. Once you have reviewed the offer and if you’re happy with it – let us know. At that point, we will advise the manager and the job is yours!
We only give you one offer at a time, but you do have every right to turn it down if there’s anything that you’re not happy with. That does mean that you’ll go back in the pool of candidates waiting for another manager to select you, however. It’s important to remember as well that when you begin to decline offers it becomes harder for us to ensure you have a job to arrive to. Being flexible is key!
Our employers are looking for staff in the 18-30 age range. We can sometimes accept applicants who are 18 years of age, but these applicants should already have a good background in hospitality work.
Yes! We place many couples & groups of friends into great pub jobs. When placing more than one person, however, it does become increasingly important to be flexible on the location of your job placement.
Almost never! Because we screen all of our applicants & assist with visa applications, the pub managers know that anyone they select from us will make an excellent member of staff. Sometimes, the managers might want to have a phone interview with you first – but these tend to be fairly brief & informal – just a chance to have a chat and make sure you’re the right fit!
The terms and conditions for pub jobs are very similar right across the country!
We have pubs throughout England, some in London, many close to London and the rest in the midlands and northern England. We also have some pubs in Scotland & Wales!
We are not a recruitment agency and therefore cannot place you in a specific location of your choice. Location will always be subject to demand and preferences of the pub managers (the employers). We always do our very best to get you a job in the area that you’ve requested, but being flexible is very important, and locations cannot be guaranteed. Please note: London managers will only consider applicants who have several years of strong restaurant/bar experience.
You need to allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks from the time you pay your deposit, ideally more. If you require our assistance with your visa application, then we recommend that you apply at least 6 months before your tentative arrival date in the UK.
Yes, you will need either a UK/EU passport, a UK Ancestry visa, or a Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa. Contact us today to find out more about your visa options.
Yes! Visa applications can be tricky, and getting the answers you need can be difficult. Our affiliated visa partner, Restless World, have visa experts on staff who can provide you with all of the guidance and assistance you’ll need. As one of the world’s leading visa assistance providers, Restless World has close relationships with the British High Commission, and will ensure that your application is completed quickly and accurately.
While your visa application should take less than 6 weeks to process, we recommend that you allow 8-10 weeks in case of any potential problems or delays. The earliest you can apply is 6 months before your UK arrival date.
The British High Commission requires you to have the equivalent of at least £1890 or more in available savings. You will need a bank statement or a letter from your bank as documentary evidence.

The Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa will cost £230 and the UK Ancestry visa will cost you £405. At some VFS Global offices, there may be additional service charges to cover the courier costs of sending your application away for processing. Most countries are also required to pay a £200 per year ‘health surcharge’. It is important to remember that prices are often changing and the above figures should be used as an estimate only.
No, unfortunately not. You program fee covers the program inclusions only. You are responsible for all additional costs, including flights, travel insurance, visa application fees/costs.

We are of course able to assist with all travel arrangements and we encourage all participants to use our travel service.
Jobs are available throughout the year, although we do have some restrictions in place due to seasonal fluctuations. The busiest time of the year for job placements is over the English summer period and again over the Christmas/New Year period. We limit the number of clients we take in February and March as the job market is very slow during that time. If you wish to arrive during this period we recommend that you apply well in advance.
Yes. We need at least six weeks notice of your planned start work date so that we have sufficient time to make your arrival arrangements. It is very important that this date remains unchanged. If you need help with your flights, just let us know!
Yes, but we need at least six weeks notice from your new date or current start date, whichever is sooner. Sometimes this date needs to be changed due to problems beyond an applicant’s control. If this happens to you, please let us know immediately.
All jobs are offered by the pub managers and most managers only receive notice from their current staff of around 10-30 days before they leave, so most job offers come up in this time frame.
99% of all jobs are offered before your due date. In rare cases where a job is not confirmed before arrival, we can help you arrange hostel accommodation in the UK for a few days to start off with. In most cases, within a few extra days, we’ll have your job locked in!
The type of work is mainly front of house, which can include: bartending, waiting tables, clearing tables, cleaning duties, kitchen work, housekeeping, etc.

Most of the pubs work on a roster system, so the hours can vary, but the average is 39 – 45 hours per week (full time). You can usually expect to work 5 days each week, with two days off, and you should also expect to work during most weekends.
The current UK minimum wage rate is £7.38 per hour (aged 21 -24), £5.90 per hour aged 18-20, and £7.93 per hour if you’re over 25 – so you should earn a gross wage of between £250-325 per week before deductions. That will net back down to £200+ a week in your hand, with tips on top (in pubs that have a focus on food service, tips can be quite generous). The net amount quoted on your job offer is after your taxes and rent have been deducted. There can be tips on top of your wages, but it is difficult for us to quote an amount as every pub is different. It’s important to remember, however, that the tipping is not customary in the UK.

Pubs pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly. This is determined by the brewery owner. If the pay cycle is not shown on your job offer, you should assume that you will be paid monthly.
In most pubs you will be living in a shared flat above the pub. Some pubs have a house or cottage on-site, or close by if the accommodation is not on-site.

Most pubs offer twin-shared rooms (same sex) and double rooms for couples. You should expect to share your room with one other member of staff. This is of course always dependent on the individual pub and you will be told prior to arrival what the arrangements will be.
Most venues will offer shared cooking, bathroom, and communal facilities – basic, but comfortable! Whilst we do have a number of clear standards that we expect from any venue, please do take into account that you are sharing the accommodation with other members of staff, and that there is a joint responsibility to keep the place neat and orderly. If you have ever lived in student or shared accommodation before, you will know what to expect.
Most employers will take a weekly deduction from your pay to cover the cost of your accommodation. The average cost is £35-£40 per week, per person.
The jobs are all full-time permanent positions, so you can stay as long as you like. We require a minimum commitment of at least 4-6 months.
While we work hard to ensure that all the employers we work with provide a good standard of living and good terms of employment, we will provide you with a guideline regarding the procedure to follow if you have any problems or complaints.
Yes. Having travel insurance is very important. We have a number of insurance options that we can discuss with you.
You will need to apply for a NIN (National Insurance Number). This cannot be sorted until you are in the UK – but it’s important that you get this sorted right away upon arrival. We will provide you with further instructions before you leave home.
Yes, this is advisable to avoid paying any unnecessary foreign exchange fees with numerous transactions from your home bank account. We will assist you with setting up a bank account prior to arrival.
Once you decide to proceed with the program, you pay half of the program cost as a deposit. We cannot process your application until this payment is received. The final balance of the program fee is due just 6 weeks before your start work date, or once your job offer has been confirmed – whichever comes first.