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London living.... Financially is it worth it?

London. LDN. The Big Smoke. One of the most cosmopolitan cities on Earth. A place people come to find themselves, realise their dreams, and immerse themselves in culture, history, and adventure.

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Why you shouldn't be afraid to travel solo!

Don't get us wrong... there is definitely something magical about sharing the adventure of world travel with your BFF or partner - but having a travel buddy shouldn't be a...

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Is UK Working Holiday Right For You?

It's a loaded question, we know. Is taking 1-2 years away to work in the UK the right move for you? Obviously, we're biased, and we want to scream out:...

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The UK's IHS fee is going up... What does that mean for me?

It's true. The UK is planning to increase the IHS (Immigration Health Surchage) sometime this year. When? We're not sure, yet - but it's looking inevitable.

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