The Cotswolds

There is so much more to the UK than London. Sure, there is so much to see and do in the capital city, but you will also find that there are also great sights and attractions of you get away from the big smoke. Take the Cotswolds for example.


The Cotswolds is a large area of central England that has been designated as an area of outstanding beauty since 1966. Towns in the Cotswolds include Chipping Campden and Cirencester. It is a popular region for many tourists and travelers who want to experience the best of the English countryside, as well as those who want to enjoy hiking and rambling holidays. Of course, there are many other reasons why people choose to visit the Cotswolds. Here are a few other reasons why you should explore this beautiful area.


Reasons To Explore The Cotswolds


  • Amazing Scenery


When you are in the UK for a gap year, you might not find anywhere more beautiful than the Cotswolds. There is no wonder that so many people choose this area when on their working holiday! There are rolling hills and untouched countryside that provide the perfect backdrop for walks and cycling. The villages are really pretty too, and the cottages all look like they should belong on a postcard.


  • Friendly Locals


The Cotswolds area has welcomed tourists for decades. In fact, it’s one of the area’s biggest industries so most of the locals work in tourism or customer services. So, as they are all so used to welcoming tourists to their villages, you can be sure that the locals are incredibly friendly. If you do decide to find a pub job in the UK, you will find that it’s ever so easy to strike up a conversation with the locals!


  • Delicious Local Food


There is also a lot of delicious local food to try in the Cotswolds as well. For instance, the Gloucestershire Old Spot pork is particularly tasty and will make a cracking Sunday lunch. There is also a great selection of regional fruit and vegetables that are worth trying too, including locally harvested plums and asparagus. Local chefs use all of these mouth-watering to come up with really exciting dishes in their restaurants and pubs. If you want to try some of these, then be sure to visit the Wild Thyme Restaurant in Chipping Norton or Lick the Spoon in Corsham.


  • Quaint Country Pubs


If you do decide to take a pub job in the Cotswolds, you will certainly have a lot of pubs to choose from! There are lots of traditional country pubs that are picture perfect. The area is also known for its cider, so you will also find some pubs that have a great selection of locally brewed ciders.


The Best Places To Stay In The Cotswolds


There are a lot of fantastic villages and towns to stay in the Cotswolds. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorites.


  • Burford


Burford is a small medieval town right next to the River Windrush. It’s stone cottages are especially quaint, and you will be able to take plenty of walks along the river. The town’s pub is the 15th-century The Lamb Inn, where you will be able to enjoy a pint and chat to the locals.


  • Moreton-in-Marsh


A little market town that is often referred to as the gateway to the Cotswolds, Moreton-in-Marsh has a great atmosphere and features a lot of cool independent shops, cafes, and pubs. The market is extremely popular and believed to be the largest open-air market in the whole of the Cotswolds.


  • Bourton-on-the-Water


Bourton-on-the-Water is one of the most photographed villages in the Cotswolds. That’s easy to understand why when you see its honey colored cottages. A river flows right through the center of the village, which has led to it being nicknamed the Little Venice of the Cotswolds. While you are there, you can visit its model village or the Cotswold Motor Museum.


  • Cirencester


If you would rather stay in a town than a village, then you won’t be disappointed by Cirencester. Even though it’s a rather small town, there are still plenty of things to do, such as visit the Corinium Museum or go for a walk around the delightful Cirencester Park. One of the best things about this town is that it is still quite a hidden gem so isn’t completely crowded with tourists. You’ll find that it’s easy to fit in and feel like a local!


There are so many great reasons to explore the Cotswolds!