Changes to UK Working Holiday Visa for Australians

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Why do the under 30s get to have all the fun? Upcoming changes to UK Working Holiday visa for Australians means this is no longer the case.

If you’re aged 30-35 and not ready for a life of lawn mowing, MasterChef reruns and attending every baby shower / wedding or gender reveal party known to mankind, then you’ll welcome this news. 

Changes are coming to the Youth Mobility Scheme (Working Holiday) Visa in the UK for Australians, and vice versa. 

Why are there changes to the UK Working Holiday Visa?

ScoMo (Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison) has been having a great time gallivanting around the UK. He’s been faking interest in the G7 summit, laughing with the Queen (Her Maj) and enjoyed a meal with his humble team of 20 at the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. 

Thankfully, over a few pints with BoJo (Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister) they agreed in-principle to a new free trade deal. They apparently talked a lot about lamb, beef and sugar (not to be consumed at the same time) but we really only care about what this means for pubs jobs and working holidays. 

What are the changes?

While exact details are yet to be released we do know two major changes that have been announced; 

  • Working visas will run for three years (previously two years)
  • The age limit will increase from 30 to 35 years

All we can say is that this is great news. Aussies can stay longer in the UK, because we all know two years really isn’t enough. As well as this, the 30-35 year olds, who are still (according to them) in the prime of their youth, will be able to apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa. 

BoJo has hailed this deal ‘a new dawn’ between Australia and the UK. It’s about time the Aussies got some perks from our founding fathers, aside from pale skin and bad teeth. 

Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison bump elbows

While this has been agreed ‘in-principle’ the deal will still need both governments to formally tick everything off and confirm. 

We’ll update you on the details of the Visa changes as and when we get them. Once the new agreement gets the rubber stamps in both the UK and Australia’s houses of parliament. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to our team about securing a pub job in the UK, contact us today. 

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