Five Reasons to head to the UK on a Working Holiday

There are so many reasons why a working holiday in the UK is the best idea you’ve ever had… From the travel potential, to the opportunity to make some money while on an overseas adventure – the time to pack your bags and head to England is here! It’s now!



1. Explore your heritage!


If you are from a country that was colonised by the English and/or the French (most of the countries that fall under the UK’s Youth Mobility Visa scheme are), chances are, your lineage can be traced back to England or France.  Living and working in the UK presents you with a unique opportunity to visit the local landmarks and learn about how life may have been for your European ancestors!


2. Get out of your comfort zone!


It is easy to keep working that job, spending your time with your mates at the same hang outs… we get it! It’s not until you get out there and challenge yourself that you will realise your full potential and what you can achieve! You will come back home with stories to tell, we promise. First round will be on you when you get back home with your mates, and they’ll all wish that had packed their bags and joined you.


3. Make some memories!


Building on the second point, you will have opportunities that you simply would not have had if you stayed at home; not everyone can say that they worked in a haunted pub, or that they served Steven Spielberg (yep, it happened to one of our UK pubbers)!


4. Easy access to Europe for travel!


It’s undeniable; the UK’s geographic location cannot be beat in terms of accessing other exciting countries.  England shares borders with Wales and Scotland, yes technically these countries are a part of the United Kingdom but they are unique and different in their own right.  The Eurostar provides a direct rail line between London and Brussells and London and Paris.  Cheap flights are available on the daily to exciting places like Amsterdam and Spain!


5. Because, London…


As they say, a bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else! Whether you believe this to be true, or not, you simply cannot deny the allure of a city like London. Steeped in heritage, filled with interesting people, places to go, and sights to see – there is never a dull day in the Big Smoke! Even if you’re not working in London proper, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to visit and take it all in!

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