How to have a spooky time in London

Have a spooky time in London

Whether you’re in the mood for a scare or learn about the city’s dark past, London is the place. Trace the hunting grounds of the most notorious serial killers in the world, or meet some apparitions. With the trips I have planned for you, I just hope you can get some sleep during your travels. 

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Jack the Ripper is the most notorious serial killer in London’s history. With the help of guides you can join the discussion and uncover this mystery person who hunted East end!

The tour began back in 1982 and ever since the guides have been at the forefront of the tale. With the guides writing books and appearing in shows, with your help I’m sure you’ll solve this mystery.

Jack the Ripper. how to have a spooky time in London

The Ghost Bus Tour

When you visit London or Edinburgh, this is one experience you don’t want to miss. A  comedy-horror theater sightseeing experience while being on wheels. The bus is a classic 1960’s road master renovated with lamps and red velvet curtains to provide a comfortable experience fear or joy ridden time.

If you get on the London tour your adventure will start at Northumberland Avenue, opposite the Sherlock Holmes pub. The pub as the starting location is a great place to start the night. Just make sure you don’t lose track of time because it’s first come first serve, with no reservations, unless you book the whole bus.

The tour will cost you £24 touring the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Westminster, Downing street and much more. So if you where wording how to have a spooky time in London, this ride lasts seventy-five minutes and be filled with laughter and fear.

Serial Killers The Blood & Tears Walk

Now if you found the first two tours a walk in the park, this is where the real fear begins on the “Blood and Tears Walk”. The walk is run by Declan Mchugh, who prides himself on researching all the serial killers of London’s past. During this walk you will learn about twelve serial killers; some caught, others not.

After the walk is over you will finish outside a great pub where you can drink away your fears with your new mates from the tour. Or you can head back home using the railway station located 45 seconds away.

Burnings, Butchery & Black Death: A Walking Tour of London’s Bloody Past

While this isn’t a tour that will give you a jump scares, people certainly get chills down the spine. You go back over 1,000 years to meet Kings, Queens and the ghosts of Charles Dickens and William Wallace. 

You learn about Smithfield’s history, the executions and disposal of bodies during the black death. As well as the links to the story of how Smithfeld became the slum which Charles Dickens based his Oliver Twist stories off.

Charles Dickens at his desk.

The London Dungeons

If you want an interactive learning tour of London then this walk will take you through some of the most gross times of London’s past. You will learn about how the notorious killers acted like they owned the city, the tales of the Great Plague and learn about the great fires of 1666.

By far my favourite part of the London dungeon experience was becoming a victim of the gallows, in which you get to reenact what it was like to be put to death by the gallows. Fortunately though you don’t actually lose your head. This is defiantly a way to have a spooky time in London.

London Dungeons. How to have a spooky time in London.

Ghastly Ghost Walking Tour in London

Ok so maybe you’re not into the dark tales of London’s serial killers or dark history. Why not try out the “Ghastly ghost walking tour in London.” On this adventure you will travel down dark alleyways while the guide tells about the ghost sightings and chilling stories. You never know if you will cross paths with spirits or apparitions on this walk.


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