How to Meet People Once in the UK

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While spending your days off in bed or chilling out in your local area — maybe in your new favourite cafe or a leafy park — why not mix it up a bit? It’s much more rewarding to pack your free time with trips far and wide across the country to see what England has to offer elsewhere.

You can jump on a roller coaster, hike the hills above a gorgeous lake, discover a Roman bath town still booming today, or take a deep dive into royal heritage. There’s no end of cool, cultural and natural sights to see across the country; here are some ideas to inspire your trip.

Join social media groups

There’s a whole host of groups online that make for a great place to meet new friends in your area. Facebook groups help to foster friendly communities where you can get to know like-minded people, chat with them and find out about local events before you take your new friendship into the real world. There are some groups like “Australians/Kiwis/Canadians in the UK”.

Get chatting to people on social media


It’s not just about making friends in designated friendship groups either. Get yourself onto TikTok or Instagram and follow people (and us, of course) that are posting about things that interest you.

With so many people posting about their interests in their daily lives, it’s easy to work out if somebody is the type of person that you might be able to get on with IRL. The hardest bit is plucking up the courage to have a conversation, but you never know… you might just meet your new best mate.

Look up local events

No matter where you are based in the UK, the chances are there’s going to be some sort of local event happening in a town or city near you. Get online and take a look at events that are listed to see if there is anything that you might want to get involved with. It could be anything from the local farmers market to a charity river walk.

Turning up solo can seem a little daunting but once you get chatting to a few friendly locals, the worries will melt away.

Local Social Events

Find people with the same interests

A great way to meet people once you have moved to the UK is to join clubs. From book clubs, to singing groups and walking associations, there is a club for every interest. If you’re living in a city it shouldn’t be too hard to find a whole spectrum of groups, there are some very niche ones too.

Simply turn up and start making friends. Even the smallest villages in the UK will usually have some sort of social club or book group to join.


Join a sports team or an exercise class

Signing up for team sports or a regular exercise class is the perfect way to organically make new friends in the UK. Get involved with an activity that you love to do, or challenge yourself to try out something new and the chances are you will have a whole new set or friend within weeks.

Football, netball, rugby, circuit training, dance classes are all really popular. It’s not uncommon for people to go out for a drink afterwards either!

Join a sports team or an exercise class

Find your new favourite cafe


If pubs aren’t your scene then take time to hone in on your new favourite coffee shop. Make this place your regular hang-out, the aim is to be so well known that the staff already know your order the moment you walk through the door.

Then it’s all about making conversation, chatting about the weather (it’s always an important topic in the UK) and then moving on to other bits of news and local chat. Even if you never make it past the small talk stages of the friendship it can help to make you feel more like part of the local community.

Offer people a cup of tea

Never underestimate the power of a cup of tea in the UK. Offering somebody a cup of tea is the perfect way to break down a few barriers and have a good chat. It’s a no-pressure situation where you and your new potential friend can relax over a hot drink and enjoy taking a break together for 10 minutes.

Bonus points if you bring biscuits for dipping. Even better if there is cake.

Sign up to help a cause


Why not help out with a local charity event and make some new buddies at the same time? You can find out about charity events on local government websites, expect everything from litter picking to charity quiz nights.


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