It’s better to travel together (5 reasons why it pays to travel with a partner or friend)!

Is travelling the world or living abroad something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but you just can’t seem to get over the fear of going it alone? With Valentine’s upon us, maybe it’s time to consider convincing your partner or best friend to join you on the adventure of a life time! There are so many reasons why travelling together makes everything better, but to get you started, here are five reasons why you and your partner/bestie should book your flights today!


1. Everything is cheaper!

When it comes to accommodation/transportation/entertainment/food abroad, it’s often cheaper when you’ve got your partner or best friend to share the cost. Sharing the cost of a hotel room! Splitting a cab! Reduced rates on group tours & attractions! Sharing a meal at a pub! Travelling with a partner in crime will present many opportunities for you to save a few quid while your on the go!


2. Less stress!

No matter how you cut it, travel can be stressful sometimes. Even the best experiences overseas will come with their share of challenges. Bottom line – it helps to have someone to lean on when the going gets tough.


3. You’ll get to know each other better than you ever thought possible!

No matter how close you already are with your partner or bestie, travel will bring you closer. We promise! You’ll be diving into all sorts of crazy new experiences, hand-in-hand, and the growth you’ll experience together will make your relationship so much stronger.


4. Someone else will understand all the amazing things about your trip that you just can’t describe…

If you’ve traveled before, you’ll have already experienced the phenomenon where your friends and family at home ask you about your trip, and you just cannot find the words to describe the moments that meant the most to you.

When you travel with a friend or significant other, you’ll have someone to share each and every one of those moments with – someone who will understand how amazing it was, even when you can’t find the words. The perfect sunset watched from the banks of the River Thames? That crazy weekend trip to Paris? You will share all of those amazing moments with someone who means the world to you – what could be better than that?


5. You’ll be ready to take on anything afterwards!


That time you missed your flight and had to sleep on the airport floor. The time you ended up in the ER with food poisoning in Morocco. The time your hostel bunk-mate snored louder than anyone you’d ever heard in your life. The time you got on the wrong train at London Euston and didn’t realize it until you ended up in Manchester (instead of Birmingham).

Once you’ve conquered your share of inevitable travel disasters together, you’ll know you can take on anything at all!


Here at The UK Pub Co, we’re extending the Valentine’s love all the way through February 28th! If you’re looking to kick off a working holiday in the UK with a friend or partner, apply as two together and you’ll each save $50 on your UK Pub Job Program booking!


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