Living In A Pub – Pros And Cons

living in a pub

Thinking about a working holiday in the UK? There are a lot of options for you out there, one of which is living (and working) in a pub. This could sound like a dream for some people, but there’s a few things to consider.

Obviously living in a pub is going to be different to spending time drinking and socialising in a pub. So it’s important to bear that in mind before making the choice. To help you figure it out for yourself, we’ve listed the pros and cons of living in a pub below.


Very cheap accommodation

Usually, rent is one of, if not the biggest chunk of money that comes out of your monthly wages. But living in a pub means that your accommodation costs are much cheaper (think 5 GBP per day cheap). This leaves you with plenty more disposable income to enjoy actually living in the UK, rather than all of it going to a landlord.

Not only that, but living in a pub means accommodation will be furnished with a kitchen available to use, laundry facilities and wi-fi. You also don’t have to pay any deposits or bond either.

Discounted foods

Living in a pub definitely has its perks, one of the best (for some) being discounted food. You won’t be stuck hungrily gazing at the plates of delicious food that get served up from the pub kitchen. You’ll usually get to eat it yourself at a hefty discount; 50% off, or sometimes even free of charge!

Meeting new people

Whether it’s regulars or your colleagues, there’ll be no end of chances to make new friends if you work in a pub. Pubs are the heart of any town’s social scene in the UK, so it’ll be really easy to get chatting to people and swap stories with your workmates.

Safety and support

The security of living in a pub that’s been listed on a trusted service such as UK Pub Co is miles above living by yourself in a studio flat in a rough part of town. It’ll also give you peace of mind knowing that you’re living with other people who you can ask for help if needed.

On top of that, utilising a company like UK Pub Co means they’ll always have your back in case of disputes or any problems you might come across – they’ll support you throughout your employment. You’ll always have someone to contact if there’s an issue.

No travel costs

Living in a pub means your workplace is literally right on the doorstep. You won’t have to waste precious time and money commuting – simply roll out of bed, get dressed and you’ll be behind the bar serving drinks in no time!


Work/life balance

While living in a pub has a load of perks, the one major con is that you’ll always be in your place of work. It can be tricky to know when to turn off your work mode or say no to that shift simply because you’re there already.

The solution to this is to make sure you try to have a life outside of the pub. Have boundaries and get out to explore your local area; join expat Facebook groups, social clubs, and sport societies. It’s much better to have balance than spend literally all your time at the pub. That’s just not healthy.

Always around colleagues

Although your colleagues will be your first connection to any semblance of social life in the UK, sometimes you might just not want to be hanging out with them 24/7. It’s the luck of draw whether your colleagues are chill or not which can really affect your time working and living in a pub. Get out there and widen your social circle!

Health concerns

Being always around alcohol could be tricky for some people, but it’s not only the alcohol that could be a cause for concern. You may also feel that having constant access to pub food is a bit too much – it’s delicious, but cooking your own food could be a good option over countless plates of fish and chips.

Late nights

The late-night culture of pubs, finishing work after 23:00 and maybe staying up even later by socialising with colleagues after hours, might not be for everybody – and it can take its toll if you’re not careful. If you’d prefer working in a job that involves working during the day rather than at night, then working and living in a pub may not be the right choice for you.

Whether you choose live-in accommodation or to sort out your own place – get in touch with UK Pub Co. We have a fantastic network of hospitality jobs in the UK and can connect you with the best opportunities.

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