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Wales - the land of the red dragon with castles galore, panoramic mountain views and is even home to some incredibly beautiful beaches.

The distinctive Welsh language and Celtic history gives this country a wealth of culture and customs to discover. Not only that, the people are friendly, the cities are modern and some of the best national parks in the UK call Wales home. 

The Welsh are very proud of their heritage and will welcome you with open arms to teach you about their ways. The Welsh hospitality is always praised and their pubs, bars and restaurants have a cosy, warm and welcoming feel. 

A Working Holiday with UK Pub Co is a great way to explore the amazing cities and landscapes of Wales. We’ll sort your job and accommodation and you get you start planning where you’ll visit first. 

Wales - a gem to be discovered

Wales is full of distinctive cities rich in history and culture. Lucky, a Working Holiday with UK Pub Co gives you the opportunity to live and work like a local. You can use your days off to then travel and explore this incredible country.

Historic castles – there are some truly stunning castles in Wales, dating as far back as the 10th century. 

Surf’s up – There are some great surfing spots along the coast of Wales for the summer months. We recommend Langland Bay in Gower. 

Get out your hiking boots – the second highest mountain in the UK, Mount Snowdon, is located in Wales with seven different routes to the top depending on your experience – and the weather!

Barry Island – if you’ve watched Gavin and Stacey then a visit to the seaside town of Barry is a must. Make sure you go and see what’s occurring at Nessa’s Slots!

Explore Cardiff – boat rides, seaside dinners, shopping, museums and sightseeing are a few of many reasons to spend some time in the capital of Wales.

Places that we think are worth a visit in Wales

From big cities to coastal, rural towns – there are some great places to discover when exploring Wales.

Cardiff City Image


The famous capital city is great for a night out. With a young vibe you can enjoy great restaurants and lots of events.

Tenby Wales UK Pub Co


This small harbour town is know for its 13th century walls and castle ruins. Enjoy some fish and chips by the beach.

Swansea Wales UK Pub Co


With a sweeping waterfront, the second largest city in Wales is home to stadiums, museums, theatres, galleries and more.

Caerphilly Wales UK Pub Co


The capital of Northern Ireland is well worth a visit, see the Titanic Museum & learn more about the cities troubled history.

Why we love Wales

We get very excited telling you how great Wales is - because we've lived and worked there ourselves! Working and living in Wales with UK Pub Co allows you experience this great country like a local. You can spend less on rent and more on travelling!

Different or unusual things to do in Wales

Wales is filled with something for everyone with plenty of fun and quirky activities to make your Working Holiday very memorable.

Canal Boat Trip

Also known as a Narrowboat this is a great way to explore the Welsh countryside. 

Ty Coch Inn

This pub is worth the walk to get there, positioned on a stretch of private beach. 

Cardiff Castle

Located in the city centre, full of history and fairytale towers. 

Climb Snowdon

With views from all side of the mountain choose the best path for your stamina. 


This Italian style village is very Insta-worthy with bright houses and gardens. 

Barry Island

A non-negotiable for Gavin and Stacey fans, be sure to find Nessa’s arcade. 

What can
UK Pub Co offer?

At UK Pub Co, we’re passionate about worthwhile travel. To us, there’s no better way to understand the world than by diving into the local culture. Our organisation is partnered with renowned pubs, hotels and restaurants in the UK that welcome overseas workers with open arms. 

We know what it’s like to yearn for an in-depth overseas experience that a tourist vacation can’t provide. So we encourage everyone with big hearts, open minds and positive attitudes to apply for our working holiday programs. We organise an experience that combines work and travel for a better understanding of life on the other side of the world.

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