If you’re coming to the UK on a working holiday, London jobs might seem to be the most attractive because there are more of them, and well everyone knows what a wonderful city London is. However, there is much more to the United Kingdom that the Big Smoke, and considering your options would be a sensible move. Exploring as much of the place as you can, will give you a true feel of the place and open up some experience you might not have otherwise.

One place that you should seriously consider visiting during your gap year or working holiday in Manchester. The Northern city is known across the world for lots of positive things, including its most famous football team, Manchester United and of course the Madchester scene which gave birth to huge acts like Oasis and The Stone Roses in the not too distant past.

Here are just a few more things that make Manchester such a special place to spend time:

The Music

Madchester and the whole Britpop thing might have ended with the 90s, but there is still a lot of its history to be explored within the city of Manchester. Not only that, but there is still a thriving music scene to be found in the city to this day. Whether you’re into up and coming and undiscovered indie bands, chilled electronic music or pop megastars, you’ll find something you can dance along to in venues like the manchester Acadamey, Manchester Arena, and numerous venues in the eclectic and laidback Northern Quarter.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a better bunch than the Mancunians. Know for their laidback demeanour, excellent sense of humour and neverending friendliness, even if you’re new to the city and you don’t know a soul, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. They’ll take you under their wings, take the mickey, and take you into their hearts. You’re never alone when you’re out in Manchester, and the locals will undoubtedly be drawn to your accent and your story.

The Culture

Manchester is one of the best places to get a dose of culture in the UK outside of London. The city is home to a number of museums and art galleries which may or may not take your fancy. If you love tech, The Museum of Science and Industry might be of interest, or if you’re a lover of art, you’ll want to head to The Lowry. There’s also the Manchester Museum, which is home to an impressive collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, and the National Football Museum which is great for you sports fans.

The Fab Food

Liverpool might be known for The Fab Four, but Manchester is certainly known for the fab food you can find there. Whether fine dining’s your thing or you prefer something fast and dirty, you won’t be disappointed.

The city’s Northern Quarter is arguably the place to be if it’s food you’re craving because it is home to an eclectic range of restaurants and eateries, including Solita – home to the biggest burgers for miles around. But, for something special. You’ll want to check out Michelin starred Bob Gourmad.

The Pubs and Clubs

If you’re looking for UK pub jobs, Manchester is hard to beat, quite simply because it is home to so many of them! This is good news if you want to let your hair down too. The great thing about manchester’s pubs and clubs is that there is so much variety. You can go from traditional British pubs that serve up Sunday lunch with a pint of ale to avant-garde clubs that serve up exotic music in interesting surroundings, in a matter of seconds. From The Thirsty Scholar to Tiger Tiger, there’s no way you won’t have a great night out in Manc.

Superior Shopping

Another thing Manchester Excels at is shopping. The city is truly a shopaholic’s paradise with numerous options for spending. The Manchester Arndale is a particularly popular shopping centre where you can find independent shops intermingling with big brand names and plenty of fresh food.

Then, there’s the Trafford centre, which is slightly out of town, but every bit as good, and worth visiting for the cinema, mini golf and arcade if you’re feeling a little frivolous.

Manchester is a vibrant city brimming with lots of students and lots of life. No matter what you’re into, you can find lots to do and see from football to food; it really is an exciting place to be!

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