5 Reasons to Move to the UK

Five reasons to travel or move to the UK and work in a UK pub!

There are so many reasons to move to the UK. So many! But we’ve narrowed it down to what we believe are the top 5 reasons why you, or anyone for that matter, should move to the UK for at least a year. Whether you’re taking a break from school, or craving a break from the ordinary, day-to-day of life – working in a UK pub is an amazing way to live on the cheap, while soaking in all that England has to offer.


The UK really is a phenomenal country to spend time abroad in! Steeped in history; full of vibrant people; and with no shortage of beautiful countryside and coastline; the UK really does have something for everyone. Whether you end up in a city pub and spend your weekends at the clubs, or a small UK village pub where you can wander the banks of the River Thames or explore the rolling hills of The Cotswolds, you won’t find it hard to enjoy your days off. Take short trips when you’ve only got a day free (think: Stonehenge, The White Cliffs of Dover; Windsor Castle) – or, when you’ve got some holiday time to spend, hit up Scotland or Ireland for a long weekend away!

All of our travel consultants are familiar with the UK and all it has to offer. In fact, most of us have lived there on our very own working holidays, so we’ll never be short on ideas if you need any UK sight-seeing suggestions.


When they say that you’ll be on the doorstep of Europe, they really mean it. Now, let’s be clear, the UK is in Europe, but one of the most beautiful things about the little island they call the UK is the amazing access you’ll have to discount and budget travel options. Check out the cheap flights with EasyJet or Ryan Air and plan a weekend break to Madrid. Train in to London and hop on the Eurostar for 3 nights in Paris. We hear Venice is nice this time of year (and cheap, too)! Your travel options from the UK are endless, and insanely inexpensive if you know where (and when) to look.

As a UKPC traveller, you can hit up your travel advisor any time for travel tips, booking advice, or whatever else you need. We can also hook you up with some pretty awesome travel companies like Contiki, On The Go Tours, Top Deck, and more. Who wants a discount?!


Leaving your friends behind can be tough, and making new friends can be even harder. But that’s the beauty of our Pub Job Program! By hooking you up with a live-in pub job, you’ll step off that plane with a confirmed job, and an affordable place to live (on-site at the pub). In addition, you’ll be bunking up with other young travellers from around the globe. The pub manager will assign you, most likely, to a twin-shared room (with a roommate of the same sex). Friend number one: sorted. Most pubs have at least 4-6 other full time live-in staff members, so there’s never a shortage of cool folks to spend your time off with. Not only that, but you can take comfort in the fact that everyone else at the pub is likely to be in the same position as you are – off on a working holiday, with the same goals and aspirations. The friendships you’ll make abroad are sure to last a lifetime!


Believe it or not, travelling and working abroad is a great resume booster! Why, you ask? Well, it demonstrates a willingness to jump out of your comfort zone. It shows that you enjoy a good challenge, that you’re outgoing and friendly, and that you can adapt well to new environments. It shows that you can embrace change.

The live-in pub jobs that we can arrange will allow you to work as part of a diverse team in a busy service environment. Let’s be clear, pub jobs are not for the faint of heart. You’ll work some long hours now and again, and the pace can be fast, even on a slow day, but the bonds you’ll build with your work mates will help the time fly by each and every shift.


Seriously. Why not?

You’ve only got one shot at life, so you might as well squeeze the most out of it, right? The UK is a phenomenal country, and the right time to go is now!

There is no greater feeling than setting the goal of world travel, and then seeing it through to reality. Jet-setting across the ocean and plonking yourself down in the UK can seem like a daunting task – and it is, if we’re honest – but with our assistance, the set up and transition can be made easy. This will allow you to get down to business with the fun stuff a lot faster. That isn’t to say that your day-to-day will be without challenges, though. Living abroad can be tough; it can take some getting used to (even with our assistance). But dealing with life’s challenges is made much easier knowing you can arrive in the UK with the confidence that you’ve got a job (and therefor, an income), and a comfortable place to rest your head, all from the get go!

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