Live and work in North Yorkshire

live and work in north yorkshire

Fancy spending a gap year or working holiday in the UK but want to stay away from the bustling and hectic cities? If so, then look up north! To live and work in North Yorkshire will offer you glorious countryside and thrilling coastlines. These are the best spots for you if you plan on spending your free time on your working holiday exploring the great outdoors.

North Yorkshire is a brilliant area for outdoor enthusiasts. There are two national parks in the region, so you will certainly have plenty of fantastic walking and cycling opportunities. For days out, you can head to the coast, enjoying some good old fish and chips. Or even stop for a pint from a local brewery. 

Still not sold on a gap year or working holiday in North Yorkshire? Here are some points that will certainly change your mind!

The North Yorkshire Coast

North Yorkshire is known for its epic coastline. It’s certainly a very rugged coastline and most of it has been left untouched. Quaint fishing villages dot the shore all the way along, and you will also find some bigger seaside towns, such as Whitby and Scarborough, that are now huge tourist destinations. The popular town of Whitby is home to the famous Whitby Abbey, which is said to have inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. Once you’ve seen all of Whitby’s sights, head down the coast to Scarborough. This larger seaside town is known for its great entertainment, including beachside amusements, plethora of bars, and evening shows at Scarborough Spa.

The Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is one of two national parks situated in North Yorkshire. While you are visiting the Dales, you should certainly spend the day at the Black Sheep Brewery. You will see beers from this famous brewery in most of the pubs you visit around the UK, so why not take a tour of where it’s made? There are lots of regular guided tours around the brewery, and you’ll be able to take advantage of some free samples as you go. The Yorkshire Dales is also a very popular region for hikers, and there is no wonder why when you see all of the brilliant trails. If you visit Upper Wharfedale, Malham Tarn, and Horsehead Moor, you will have plenty of trails to discover. You can also take the popular James Herriot Way. This 52-mile route passes through Wensleydale and Swaledale and can easily be broken into chunks.

The North York Moors

The other national park in North Yorkshire is the equally popular North York Moors. Again, this is another area that features a lot of different traditional inns and pubs, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a pub job for your working holiday. Those pubs will provide you with a warm welcome at the end of a day of hiking around the moors. Walks around the area will take you up to Roseberry Topping, through Kilburn Woods, or through picturesque villages. Do you want to do something that will involve a bit more adrenalin? Well, if so, then you won’t be too far from Flamingo Land. This theme park features some truly white-knuckle rides and also has a small zoo where you can come face-to-face with some local and exotic animals.

Easy Access To Surrounding Cities

You don’t have to stay out in the countryside if you do decide to stay in North Yorkshire. Most towns have great links to nearby larger cities, including York, Leeds, and Newcastle. You won’t have to travel too far to jump on a bus or train that’ll take you to one of these bustling cities.

Friendly And Welcoming Locals 

If there is one other thing that North Yorkshire is also known for, it is its friendly locals. You’ll discover this as soon as you step into a pub and are greeted with warm smiles from your fellow punters. Everyone will be open for a chat as well. Whether you bump into someone on one of your hikes or prop yourself up at the bar next to a Yorkshire local, you will find that everyone has a fascinating story to tell. And they will certainly want to hear yours as you’ve traveled so far from New Zealand or Australia!

North Yorkshire is just one of the many great rural areas of the UK. The best way to find out what it’s like to live and work in North Yorkshire is to stay there of course! So, why not start to look for your next working holiday in North Yorkshire right now!

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