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We arrange full-time UK pub jobs with affordable staff accommodation included, all sorted and confirmed before you leave home! The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get set up in the UK, guaranteed! Having to search for a job and somewhere to live after you arrive in the UK can knock all the fun out of your adventure.

You don’t want to be worrying about not getting hired, running out of money, or having to come home early. We organise your live-in pub job prior to arrival so you can sit back and let us take care of the hard work for you! All our UK pub jobs include on-site accommodation with minimal board/rental fees, so you get to relax and enjoy the UK instead of spending all your time trying to find an affordable place to stay.

You’ll be living and working alongside a great group of like-minded travellers and making new friends in a fun, social job. You also get to keep a bigger chunk of your wage instead of forking out on high living costs. Joining the UK Pub Co program means there’s no high rent fees, no bond to pay, and no commute costs to and from work. Save your $$$ and start earning £££ immediately! 



  Between 18-30 years of age (you can apply to us as a 17 year old)

  Eligible to apply for and receive a UK work visa (or a UK/EU Passport)

  Enthusiastic and outgoing personality

  Some customer service and/or hospitality experience (ideally)

  Fluent in conversational and written english

  No serious criminal or traffic offences

Program Inclusions


•  A full-time, live-in UK pub job confirmed before arrival
•  Ultra affordable live-in accommodation provided by your employer (£35pw board on average)
•  No bonds or rent in advance required – board is deducted from your pay each week
•  No weekly travel costs, as accommodation is usually on site (or close by)
•  Full-time work guaranteed, with 2 days off per week
•  Free or discounted meals provided by your pub/management
•  No interview on arrival required – your job will already be confirmed
•  Assistance with all pre-departure arrangements (flights, travel insurance, etc)
•  A personalized arrival guide with info, directions, and top tips to help you adjust to life in the UK
•  Assistance with your UK bank account prior to departure
•  Information on how to register for NHS health cover in the UK
•  Ongoing support from our team
•  Discounts on future job placements & relocations (conditions apply)
•  Basic UK YMS visa or UK Ancestry visa application guidance
•  UK Sim card provided prior to arrival
•  Optional London Stopover (one not to miss!)


The total cost of the program is $995. Once you decide to proceed with the program, you pay half of the program cost as a deposit ($475). We cannot process your application until this payment is received. The final balance of the program fee is due just 6 weeks before your start date, or once your job offer has been confirmed – whichever comes first. 

What to expect from your job


You'll be working full time hours of approx. 38-48 per week whilst earning anything from £250-325 per week! Don't forget you'll also earn tips on top of your wages and with two guaranteed days off a week, you can be sure that you'll get the most out of your time in the UK and be able to splash some cash on trips away. 


We offer the cheapest rent in the UK at around £5 per day! Accommodation includes laundry, kitchen, fully furnished rooms, wifi etc. and we don't charge any move-in bonds or deposits, plus you won't have any travel costs as you'll be living on site (does it get any better?!) Couples will have a double room, whilst singles will either have their own room or be paired with someone else (depending on location) 


As a staff member you'll be well looked after with meal/food discounts (usually at least 50% off the menu price, sometimes free meals!), the chance to stay as long as you like following your 4-6 month minimum period, tax & National Insurance deductions of £40-50 per week, plus the chance to make new friends from around the globe as you all settle into life in the UK. 

Thomas review

Amazing and easy process! I was placed in a position for my requested start day and was kept in the loop every step of the way. I recommend this company to anyone looking for easy job placement in the UK. Would definitely do this again.

Savannah review

I had a great experience with UK Pub Co. They organised my accomodation and new job within a couple weeks, and made sure I was completely set for my next adventure. I enjoyed my stay in UK and my experience with UK Pub Co so much that I am going back and doing it again. Thank you very much to the team for all your help, really appreciate it.

Mon review

Great value and awesome support from those in the Australian office and Greg. Very handy touch down pack (bank account was a godsend) and travel discounts almost covered the actual program fees! Highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once we’ve got everything we need for your employment file, we start the hunt for a job based on the work start date that you have given us. The pub managers in our network advise us of the vacancies they have and we send them a selection of candidates to choose from. Once you are selected, we will send a job offer to you which will have a summary of all the basic terms and conditions of your employment – including the wages, the hours, the type of accommodation, the food policy (many of the pubs have a free or subsidised meal as part of the package), uniforms (if you need one, it’s usually just black trousers or black skirt, black shoes etc), the location, and the website. All of this information is provided directly by the managers of the pubs. Once you have reviewed the offer and if you’re happy with it – let us know. At that point, we will advise the manager and the job is yours!
Yes! We place many couples & groups of friends into great pub jobs. When placing more than one person, however, it does become increasingly important to be flexible on the location of your job placement!

You need to allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks from the time you pay your deposit, ideally more. If you require our assistance with your visa application, then we recommend that you apply at least 6 months before your tentative arrival date in the UK.

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