We’ve spent over 18 years placing our participants in UK live-in pub jobs and our experience helps us make sure you have the best transition over to the UK. We work hard to make sure our prices are the lowest possibly available whilst not skimping on any of the service or support that you receive. If you do find a cheaper placement service for a live-in pub job in the UK we will not only match the price but beat it!

The UKPC Pub Job Program will secure you an actual job offer. We will work to match you with a real employer that wants to hire you, and will continue to work on your behalf to place you in a position until an offer has been secured and your job in the UK is confirmed!

The goal of the UKPC Pub Job Program is to secure you an actual full-time pub job placement with live-in accommodation in a UK pub, with no move-in bond or excess bills to pay.

Our program does not place you in catering/event based food and beverage service positions positions in hotels. It is important to be aware that in many of those roles, as offered by other placement companies, the hours can vary drastically, or have blackout periods, which can leave you without income to cover your living costs. These roles may not automatically include onsite accommodation and instead you may only be “assisted” in finding a rental property with much higher costs than your pub board. You may also be required to pay a bond or will live in a hostel that you will need to pay for yourself, as well as the cost of travelling to different venues and meeting uniform requirements.

If you have found a cheaper placement program do make sure that your provider is giving you the same great level of service and inclusions. If you’re unsure if you are being offered full support, get in touch with us and we can compare the service levels. If you have indeed found a lower cost program, we’ll be happy to beat the price so you can still receive our full assistance! We work day in and day out to grow and maintain our relationships with pubs in the UK and with more than 600 employers on our books, we’re by far the best in the world at what we do!


1. Our Price-Beat Guarantee is available only on our standard UK Pub Job program, and only available on like for like products or quotes from reputable providers.

2. If you are unsure if a lower price you have received is offering you the same level of service as UKPC, or are worried that an alternative program is not being facilitated by a reputable provider we will be happy to compare, and check that it is eligible for the Price-Beat Guarantee. All our team members are dedicated travellers and will make sure you have all the information you need.

3. Competitor price/quote and product description must be available to see online (a link or screen shot will usually do the trick) or in an email/printed confirmation. It must detail travel dates, program inclusions, and any additional fees and charges.

4. Prices will only be beaten on prices available to the general public.

5. Our Price-Beat Guarantee only applies to regular program pricing. Programs that are discounted or on sale are not eligible.

6. The lower price needs to be available on the day of activating the Price-Beat Guarantee. The Price-Beat Guarantee will be valid against the initial competitor quote only. We will not enter into an ongoing price negotiation.

7. Where we believe that the lower price offered is no longer available to book, the best available UKPC price will be offered.

8. If UKPC is able to confirm that the quote is still available to be booked as per the competitor price, and is a like for like product, we will not only match the price but guarantee to BEAT IT by 5%!

9. Full program payment must be made at the time of the Price-Beat.

10. Booking, amendment, and cancellation conditions will apply as per UKPC terms and conditions.

11. The UKPC Price-Beat Guarantee is offered at the sole discretion of UKPC sales staff. We reserve the right to change, remove, and/or amend these terms & conditions at any time without notice.