Ten Things You Might Not Know About The UK Pub Company

Are you a young Australian, Kiwi, or Canadian thinking of heading over to the UK on a working holiday? Or maybe you’re just thinking about taking a trip – seeing the sights, crashing at a cool hostel, checking out the London night-life, and maybe jamming in a Top Deck tour before you head home – either way, we’ve got options for you. We’re the UK Pub Company, and we’ve been setting up UK based working holidays at amazing pubs, as well as providing general UK travel advice to wanderlust-ers just like you for 20 years now! Though we’ve tried to ensure our website covers all the bases, here are 10 things you might no know about our company and the services we provide!



1. We’ve been in business for 20 years!


If you’re looking for a tried and true travel agency to help you make your UK working holiday dreams come true, look no further. We started up 20 years ago, back when you could almost walk into a pub in London, and find yourself a job and a place to rest your head. Times have changed since then, but we’ve worked hard to change with the times, and continue to supply staff to more than 600 pubs UK wide!


2. We supply staff to more than 600 pubs in the UK!

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That’s right – more than 600 pubs UK wide! Over the past 20 years, we’ve built strong and trusting relationships with pubs all over England, with a few in Scotland and Wales too. These pubs trust US to find them the best world travellers around who are keen to work in a UK pub, with accommodation provided on site.


3. We successfully place more than 1000 travellers each year!

We don’t want to toot our own horn too loudly, but we’re pretty darn proud of this one. For 20 years now, placing upwards of 1000 travellers per yer, we’re getting on 20,000 travellers (just like you) placed into employment with hundreds of pubs across the UK. Cheap room and board, full time hours, discounts on meals, and lots of friends to be made. Does a UK working holiday get any better than that?


4. We only work with equal opportunity employers!


Regardless of your race, your religion, or your sexual preference – we can find set you up with an amazing pub job in the UK! Our pub managers are young and excited to add new travellers to their pub teams. So long as your are eligible and approved for a UK visa (we can help you with the application!) – you’ll be a perfect fit for our program.


5. One of our staff members used to be a customer!

Talk about having the experience to back up the advice! Scott, our fearless Administrative Manager at our Melbourne office was in your shoes – a young Aussie looking for a change and some adventure. After signing up for our UK pub job placement program, Scott jetted off to the UK and worked at one of our partner pubs for nearly 2 years, climbing the ladder into management. After returning to Melbourne, Scott found a new job with us! He really has walked the walk, so if you have any questions, reach out and drop Scott a line!


6. 99% of job offers are confirmed before you leave home!


We put in the hard work before you leave home so that you can land in the UK with a confirmed job opportunity – including accommodation on site at the pub. We take pride in the fact that almost every single job we arrange is confirmed before our customers leave home. We’re pretty awesome at what we do – just sayin’…


7. We’re one of the only companies in the world that do this!

There are other great travel companies out there – no doubt about that – however, many of them actually use The UK Pub Co. to place their travellers into UK pub jobs! We act as a partner agency to some of the worlds largest travel brands. When it comes to the arrangement of pub based UK working holidays, they know we’ve got the contacts, the relationships, and the experience to do it right, and they trust us with their own clients and customers.


8. If we don’t land you a job offer, you don’t pay!

We stand by our service whole heartedly! If you pass our initial interview process and are accepted on board, but we fail to secure a job offer for you within ten days of your arrival in the UK – you can request a full refund – no questions asked!


9. We have 4 offices world-wide!

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We’ve got staff around he globe who are excited to help you with your UK working holiday plans. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Canada – we’ve got staff around the world who have the knowledge and experience to help you build the UK trip of your dreams!


10. Couples and friends can work/live together in the same pub!


Our UK pubs love hiring couples or 2 friends together – so if you’re hoping you won’t have to fly solo, worry not! We successfully place energetic couples, and enthusiastic groups of friends into amazing UK pub jobs almost every day!

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