Terms and Conditions

Participant Agreement

  1. By registering for a UK Pub Co placement you (I) acknowledge and agree as follows

2. UK Travel Co Pty Ltd (UKTravelCo) – trading as The UK Pub Co. act as a hospitality hiring consultancy for hotels and pubs in the United Kingdom, and assist in placement of employment in UK pubs.

3. UKTravelCo is not my employer, but will work to facilitate my being hired as a full-time member of staff by a UK hospitality employer, including but not limited to pubs, hotels, inns, catering companies etc. I understand all jobs and their terms and conditions are offered by the Pub Managers and not by UKTravelCo.

4. UKTravelCo, its employees and independent agents, its subsidiaries, partners and affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees and agents, cannot be held responsible or liable for any costs or expenses other than those provided for herein, or for any damages, harm, loss, or injuries associated with my travel, employment, or stay in the UK.

5. If I am accepted on board and choose to proceed, I shall be liable to pay UKTravelCo or my travel agent a fee of AUD$890.00 for consultancy in arranging my file and liaising with pubs with the aim to secure a job & accommodation on my behalf (fully paid).

6. I understand that I will be expected to pay my program fee in three parts. An AUD$49.00 deposit at the time of application with a 50% deposit on the remaining balance paid at the time of acceptance onto the program. The remaining 50% balance is due 6 weeks prior to my ‘start work’ date in the UK. I acknowledge that failure to pay these fees in full prior to my arrival in the UK may affect my placement, and my job will not be considered confirmed until UKTravelCo is paid in full.

7. I understand that I am expected to fill out the requested forms and provide the necessary information as requested by UKTravelCo in a timely manner. UKTravelCo cannot be held responsible for any problems or delays arising from my failure to provide requested information in a timely manner.

8. I agree to provide UKTravelCo with all relevant information on any health concerns, criminal records, or pre-determined commitments that may affect my ability to work in the UK. If I withhold such information at the time of application, acceptance, or sign up, I understand that UKTravelCo cannot be held responsible if such details should adversely affect UKTravelCo’s ability to secure and confirm my employment in the UK.

9. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to successfully secure a UK working permit/visa. A visa assistance service can be referred by UKTravelCo, but I understand that all decisions on matters of immigration are made by the UK Border Agency directly. UKTravelCo cannot be held responsible if I am not approved for a UK working permit/visa.

10. I understand that travel insurance is a mandatory program requirement of UKTravelCo. I understand that UKTravelCo will provide me with a discounted policy offer via their travel insurance partner. A minimum of 4-month coverage is required.

11. I hereby agree to complete the minimum 4-month placement (or longer) on any job received via UKTravelCo.

12. UKTravelCo will work with me to determine an appropriate ‘start work’ date for my file. This will be the date I am expected to arrive on the job in the UK. This date can be adjusted if needed – but any adjustments to my ‘start work’ date must be explicitly approved by UKTravelCo, and the new selected date must be at least 6 weeks away.

13. If, in the event I choose to or must withdraw after acceptance to the UKTravelCo job placement program, the cancellation terms are as follows: All deposits are non-refundable. Prior to a job opportunity being offered, a 50% refund on the total fee may be requested. After a job opportunity has been offered, there is no entitlement to any refund. For any last-minute applications made from overseas, refunds are offered at the sole discretion of UKTravelCo. It is important to note that travel insurance may cover your decision to withdraw.

14. UKTravelCo will make all reasonable efforts to secure and confirm my job placement in advance of my arrival in the UK. I understand that UKTravelCo reserves to the right continue working on my placement for 10 days past the agreed upon ‘start work’ date. If no job is offered to me within 10 days past the agreed ‘start work’ date, I am entitled at this stage to ask for and receive a full refund of my fee. A refund will not be applicable if I request that UKTravelCo continue searching for a placement on my behalf. Any last minute applications must be aware that UKTravelCo require a minimum of 30 days notice to secure employment although acknowledge we can usually source this much quicker than this.

15. No guarantee has been made to me that a position of employment can be obtained through UKTravelCo. I am fully aware that the UK employers make the selection of staff from UKTravelCo. UKTravelCo shall make every endeavour to assist with my job placement in the UK, however no liability shall accrue to UKTravelCo, its employees and independent agents, its subsidiaries, partners and affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees and agents, in the event that an offer of employment is not made, or if made, is not suitable to myself.

16. I understand that it is my responsibility to meet the standards required by my employer and that if, as a result of failing to meet a reasonable level of service standards, my job offer is revoked or my position is terminated, UKTravelCo will not be liable to find me a new position.

17. I understand that locations of placements are subject to availability and although a preference of location can be noted, it cannot be guaranteed.

18. If I am offered a position and I choose not to accept it, or find that the offer is not suitable to myself, UKTravelCo will continue the search, but no refunds are liable. In the event that I decline any job offer, I am aware that the original agreed start date might be delayed until a new offer is secured. Securing another position cannot be guaranteed once a previous offer has been declined.

19. I understand that once UKTravelCo has secured an offer of employment for me, this offer will be sent to me via email. I will be expected to respond promptly with my decision; within 7 days. If I do not respond within 48 hours, I understand that I may lose the job opportunity. In the event that UKTravelCo cannot reach me, after 48 hours time, UKTravelCo reserves the right to put my file on hold.

20. I understand that if I should choose to arrive in the UK prior to my agreed upon ‘start work’ date and find that I am able to confirm employment on my own, either intentionally or by happen coincidence (you are offered a job without seeking or applying for one), or if my work and travel plans should change for any reason, no refund from UKTravelCo shall be liable, however, I will be given the option to put my job placement on hold until a later date.

21. Upon placement, all relevant details of pay, accommodation, meals etc. will be sent to me via UKTravelCo; this information will be by the Employer (UK pub) via the Agent (UKTravelCo), as such, UKTravelCo cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

22. Any reference to rates of pay, meal entitlements, and other condition s of employment are meant only as a guide and any offer of employment will be made on terms specified by the employer.

23. UKTravelCo has offices overseas for assistance with any discrepancies on employment pay rates, hours, and meal entitlements as detailed in my job offer. UKTravelCo cannot be held responsible for subjectable issues, such as untidy accommodation, distance of location, friendliness or otherwise of manager etc. Pubs maintain safety, hygiene and occupational working standards to UK law, not to a personal standard of expectation. Terminal pay disputes can only be sorted directly between Employer (the pub) and the Employee (yourself). The Breweries will not permit a third party (UKTravelCo) to intervene.

24. If any issues occur after arrival at my placement, I understand that I am expected to contact the UKTravelCo UK office (+44 7463 646 888 / info@ukpubco.co.uk) for assistance before leaving any position I may hold. Due to The Privacy Act, no third parties can be involved, as this agreement has between made between UKTravelCo and myself.

25. If I resign from my position and leave without UKTravelCo agreement, UKTravelCo will only be obligated to assist by supplying details of agencies and employment websites, and only if requested.

26. If required, UKTravelCo can assist with sorting a new job for an administration cost of £150.00 as long as I have stayed at my initial job for the minimum required period requested by my Manager.

27. Any provision of any law or statute in Australia or its territories, the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada or New Zealand, imposing liability on UKTravelCo, company staff, or contracted independent travel and sales consultants or agents, shall, if permissible at law, be expressly negated.

28. UKTravelCo and its employees and independent agents, its subsidiaries, partners and affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees and agents accept no liability or responsibility either for the participant’s health & safety; or for any loss or damage to property; or any third party’s property or persons, howsoever or when caused. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that he/she is fit to travel and to undertake any duties that he/she intends carrying out.

29. I hereby confirm having read & understood the provisions herein, and confirm that have received a copy of this acknowledgment (you will be emailed a copy for your records once completed).

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