The Best Working Holiday Jobs in the UK

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It might be called a working holiday, and you still might have to work – a lot – but who says a job can’t be fun? There are a whole load of different working holiday jobs in the UK up for grabs, making it pretty easy to find a job no matter what your background or experience may be. Here are just a few of them to inspire your time in the UK.

Teaching English

You may think that teaching English is only an option in non-English speaking countries, but actually this is a job you can do in the UK too. Before you even consider this as an option, you’ll need qualifications – usually of the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) variety.

It’s not exactly the most viable option, as English is widely spoken, but there are a few places where English is taught as a foreign language in the UK and where your services may be gladly received.

working holiday jobs uk - english teacher jobs


Working in a shop of any kind is a great way to get to grips with British culture. Up and down the country, British high streets and shopping centers are often at the heart of communities. Working in one of these places is a good way to make friends – the bonus is they often have quite flexible hours, and there are tons of different shops to suit your interests (fashion, IT, etc.).

Another bonus is that you don’t usually need many qualifications to work in retail, making them great entry-level jobs.

Chef jobs

Contrary to popular belief, the UK is very much a foodie country. People love their food here, from the fanciest of restaurants to hearty pub grub. This means that there is a long list of UK chef jobs that are available for those with working holiday visas.

If you’ve got experience, or you’ve just left culinary school, chances are there’s a job in a kitchen for you. One of the best ways to find this sort of working holiday job in the UK is through UK Pub Co, helping to connect you up with a kitchen position in a gastropub.

working holiday jobs uk - chef jobs

Au Pair / Nanny

Got experience working with children? Then there’s also the option of working as a live-in au pair or nanny for a British family. There’s possibly no better way than getting to grips with life in the UK than living with a family. You’ll get accommodation and get to hang out doing fun stuff with kids all day – what a dream!

working holiday jobs uk - au pair jobs

Activity Leader at Summer Camps

Summer camps such as PGL are big news in the UK. Every year during the summer holidays, kids camps get filled up, and that means they need adults to help keep things under control and (more importantly, keep things fun).

There are a range of staff needed at summer camps, from qualified instructors (climbing, for example), to camp leaders and cooking and maintenance staff.

working holiday jobs uk - activity leader jobs

Pub Jobs

Pubs are amazing places for working holiday jobs in the UK. Usually these places are community-focused, a lot of fun and very friendly – the perfect base to enjoy your UK adventure. Somewhere like UK Pub Co can offer you the chance to not only work in a pub, but live in the pub as well. This means you’ll have your accommodation sorted during your stay. Plus, you’ll get to socialise with like-minded people. Win-win!

working holiday jobs uk - pub jobs

If you’re ready for your UK Working Holiday adventure, get in touch with us at UK Pub Co. You’ll have everything sorted before you leave – both a job AND accommodation. This is the easiest and most stress-free to get to the UK.

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