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Find out what life is like in the UK and what the next steps out of lockdown mean for pubs jobs and travel.

As we emerge from the pandemic it’s great to see that things are looking brighter in the UK. The roadmap out of lockdown is underway, this is thanks to a very successful vaccination rollout. Resulting in a huge decline in COVID cases and the easing of restrictions with bars, restaurants and hotels opening across all of the UK.

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What are the current restrictions in the UK? 

On Monday May 17 we saw step 3 of 4 for the roadmap out of lockdown take effect. This was most anticipated by Brits and the UK Pub Co. team alike. We saw the opening of pubs and restaurants and people can visit friends indoors in groups of up to six. In addition, cinemas and hotels opened and large events like concerts and sports matches are in the trial phases of resuming. Domestic travel is also possible and a traffic light system has been introduced. Some green listed countries resulting in quarantine-free travel to and from the UK.

Step 4 of the roadmap, which is lifting all legal limits on social contact, opening of nightclubs and more is on course for mid July. 

The good news from the UK

  • Over 75% of over 18s have already received at least one vaccination.
  • The UK is on target to offer a first jab to every adult in the country by the end of July.
  • Hospital admissions are very close to their lowest level since the start of the pandemic.
  • The UK’s alert level has been reduced to 3 (from 5 in early January and 4 in late February). This means there is no longer a rising level of transmission.
  • The fourth and final step of the roadmap out of lockdown is expected for mid July
  • A travel traffic light system has been introduced allowing travel between the UK and green listed countries. This includes Australia and New Zealand.

What does the green list mean for Aussie and Kiwi travellers to the UK? 

  • Australia and New Zealand are currently green list countries. This means you do not have to quarantine when arriving in the UK.
  • However, when travelling from NZ you don’t need to apply to leave.
  • If travelling from Aus you will need to apply for a travel exemption. The category suitable is “going abroad for 3+ months” which applies to our Working Holiday placements with the UK Pub Co. We already have a number of Aussies who have successfully departed. 
  • UK visas are being issued and flights are a reasonable price. 
  • Some of our participants have already had their COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK.   
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What does this mean for Working Holidays? 

Pubs, restaurants and hotels re-opened in the UK May 17 and we currently have participants on their placements in the UK living and working. Travel exemptions are available and easily obtainable for those wanting to go on the program.

Australians and New Zealanders looking to travel to the UK can apply for an exemption with a valid job offer.

Are there many Pub Jobs?

The very exciting news is that there are LOADS of pubs right now in the UK who are looking for international workers. Brexit has taken a toll in the hospitality industry. Many establishment owners have contacted us directly looking for more pub workers and chefs.

Most importantly, if your dream of working and living in the UK has been put on hold because of COVID-19 then now is the time to apply. In a matter of weeks you could be on your way to the UK, enjoying the summer, travelling and working.

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