In your suitcase: 10 Things to Travel With to Make Your Trip More Comfortable


If you’re heading on a trip, you may just be thinking about essentials. You know, toothbrush, undies, those sorts of things. But there’s more to packing than the bare necessities. We’re well into the 21st century now, and travelling comfortably is definitely high on a lot of people’s lists when it comes to getting from A to B.

From getting some shut-eye to keeping yourself entertained, here’s a comfy packing list to inspire your travels.

Eye mask

If you’re not already travelling with an eye mask you’re doing it wrong. There are so many times when an eye mask is all you need to help you get to sleep. Whether it’s inadequate curtains in a hotel room, people turning the lights on at ungodly hours in hostel dorms, or simply trying to curb jet lag by sleeping as much on the plane as possible, an eye mask is key to travelling comfortably.

Travel pillow

Also in the realm of getting some kip, a travel pillow literally helps you get comfortable enough to even consider falling asleep in the first place. There are different sorts you could choose from, the classic neck pillow, or maybe something more pillow-esque. It’s up to you. Either way, you’ll thank us next time you’re trying to sleep on a bus with rock-hard headrests.

Toiletries bag

But not just any old toiletries bag. Get yourself a super-duper toiletries bag, one that folds out and has a hook at the top so you can neatly place it in a bathroom before your morning or evening rituals. These come with plenty of storage for all your lotions and potions, and many with an in-built mirror so you can stay looking fresh even when reflective surfaces are hard to come by.


Not being bored out of your mind is something we’d definitely classify as ideal, so being entertained is a step up – the height of comfort. With that in mind, bring something along that will keep you laughing, horrified or otherwise engaged for potentially long hours of travel. If you’re a bookworm, try a Kindle; and if you’re a film buff, a harddrive full of (legally obtained) movies is a must. Gamers wouldn’t ever forget to bring their Nintendo Switch or their DS anyway.


It might seem something totally inane, but trust us: having a comfortable backpack is the difference between loving life when you’re travelling, and totally cursing your own existence. A backpack with comfortable straps, that distributes weight evenly, and maybe even one that keeps it off your back with a suspended mesh, would be ideal. Osprey has some good options. A must for walks between transport hubs and to or from accommodation.


Again, totally inane, but if you’re of the hangry persuasion you should really consider investing in a little snack pot to keep your energy levels topped up throughout your trip. It might be trail mix, it might be packets of Mini Cheddars, or even a dense protein bar (or two). Whatever it is, keep it stashed in an air-tight box and in easy reach of your hungry fingers.

Power bank

Nothing is worse (ok, some things are) than looking at your phone only to find – horror of horrors – that you’re on 1% battery. Not cool. And also pretty bad news if you had QR codes, tickets, or maps on your phone. Avoid this very impractical situation by investing in a power bank. These range from the pocket-sized to the enormous; we say go for the most portable and run with it. No more dead batteries. Oh, and don’t forget your charging cable.

Reusable water bottle

Thirsty? Not anymore, thanks to the reusable water bottle you purchased. Ok, maybe you haven’t got one, but we recommend it. You can refill from tap water in the UK and a bunch of other European countries, saving both money on bottled water and the planet (of plastic pollution).

Comfy sweater

More versatile than you’d think. Something oversized, ideally, that a) keeps you warm and b) can double up as a mini blanket to cover yourself, or even roll up as a pillow. Sounds wacky, we know, but having a comfy sweater, hoodie or fleece really does make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Not only a good aid for sleep, but great for listening to music or a podcast without having the spillover noise from the plane or people interfering with your precious entertainment. Can be expensive, but once you’ve tried ‘em out you’ll thank yourself.

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