Top travel apps to help make your trip a breeze

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Sometimes travel can seem tough, don’t worry – there’s a whole host of travel apps to help make your trip run smoothly. In fact, there’s an app for almost everything you could ever need. Here’s a round up of our top travel apps, some are UK specific for your working holiday.

Turning up in a new city is usually pretty disorienting. And, if it’s in a new country, chances are you won’t have access to the internet straight away. is the perfect solution for when you need to use Google Maps to get around but don’t have a connection. Simply download the detailed maps of your destination and find out routes around the city without having to connect to the internet.


For when you need to use public transport to get out, Citymapper is there to make the journey a whole lot less stressful. The easy-to-use app will give you the most straight-forward routes and transport options for where you are trying to get to. It even shows the route in real-time so you can see when the next bus or train is due to arrive. There’s also an in-app chat feature, meaning you can keep in contact with mates so they know what time you’ll arrive.


We all want the perfect weather for our big trip, but glorious sunshine isn’t always guaranteed. Download the Accuweather app and stay up to date with the latest forecast, that way you can easily plan your days around downpours and make sure your outfit is suitable for the day’s weather. Trust us, overheating in jeans on a hot day in Rome is not the one.

The Trainline (UK only)

You can use this app to check times and book tickets to anywhere in the UK. It’s updated regularly so it’s particularly helpful if you need to check for any delays or changes. 

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With Locals

One of the best things about travel is all of the amazing people you get to meet. Making friends isn’t always as easy as it seems when you’re on the road, but that’s where With Locals comes in. The app works by connecting you up with locals through experiences. It could be a foodie tour in a cool neighbourhood or a history walk through the old town. The tours offered by locals are all personalised. They are the perfect way to get an insight into local life — wherever you are in the world.


Another way to mingle with locals and make friends during your adventures is by downloading Eatwith. The streamlined app offers travellers the chance to connect with locals — all while enjoying some delicious food. The app is available in over 130 countries and includes experiences such as dinner parties, food tours, and cooking classes.


Yes, by now we all know what Uber is, but don’t overlook it when you’re on a trip. Sometimes Uber can offer the best rates for getting from A to B and can help when you’re stuck in a part of a city you don’t know. Simply open the app, find a car and put in where you want to go. Not only that, but it’s also really helpful when you aren’t too confident in speaking the local language. This saves on those awkward miscommunications with a taxi driver.

Jet Lag Rooster

We all love to travel, but what is not so much fun is jet lag. Sadly, if you’re travelling across multiple time zones then the exhausted mania that is jet lag cannot be avoided. There are some things you can do to help ease the feeling, however. That’s where Jet Lag Rooster comes in handy. The app gives you a personalised plan by using science-based techniques. Suggesting the best times for waking and sunlight exposure in the days running up to your trip.

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Ever been in a different country and totally have no grasp on how much money you’re actually spending? It can be difficult to keep track of the exchange rate all of the time, but there are ways to make it a little easier. XE is an easy to use app which quickly gives you the exchange rate for a long list of destinations. Simply type in the amount you’ve spent on that big dinner or hotel room and you will be shown how much you have spent in your home currency.


For when you need to exchange currencies, Wise is where it’s at. The money transfer service offers money transfers at standard rates, changing a small fee for each transfer. It’s quick, super simple, and affordable. It’s also really useful if you’re going to be spending a long time in one country and have to move money across borders regularly.


We’ve all been there: caught short in a city and you have no idea where the nearest bathroom is. Thankfully Flush has solved the problem by mapping out toilets all over the world. The app is straightforward to use, includes the locations of over 200,000 public toilets and is free!

Getting set up in the UK is easy with the UK Pub Co. Whether you choose to travel before, during, or after your work placement, we hope you find these top travel apps useful. If you’re considering living and working in the UK, check out our hospitality programs. 

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