The Travellers Playlist • 2015 Countdown


What would world travel be without a killer soundtrack? It’s like watching a film with the volume off. It’s just not the same, now is it? Music connects us – to one another, to memories, and to moments in our lives, and there is nothing quite like finding those songs that will make up the soundtrack to your next adventure.

From planes, to trains, and everything in between – we want to make sure the you’ve got some great tunes to take with you on your journey. So, from January onwards, we’re going to be sharing our UK Pub Co. Travellers Playlist, hitting you with 25 songs each month that we’re rocking in our offices around the world as we get hyped about YOUR working holiday arrangements!

To help ring in 2016, though, we’re going to kick things off with our favourite 30 tunes from 2015, as picked by our 4 offices around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK). We hope that you all had a safe NYE on the town, and that your New Years Day is quiet and headache free (yeah, right…).

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