What does BREXIT mean for UK Travellers?

Following the recent UK referendum that resulted in a decision to withdraw from the EU, there are lots of questions and misconceptions floating around about how this does (and does not) affect UK travellers – both those in the UK now, and those who are planning to travel in the future.


First and foremost, the important point is that this will have NO immediate effect on visa holders, EU passport holders, and UK visa applicants. You are still free to travel to and from the UK, work in accordance with your current visa or passport restrictions, and apply for both the Youth Mobility Visa and the UK Ancestry Visa. Should the UK follow through on this vote to leave the European Union, the exit process can take up to 2 years or more. For the time being, the rules remain the same, so there is no need to panic!


Specifically for EU passport holders who may wish to spend time working/living in the UK, the time to go is now! There will be lots of uncertainty over the next 2 years about what will happen to UK immigration policy for EU Passport holders in the long term, so best to get your time in now, while you’ve still got the freedom to do so!


Though we appreciate that this vote was a divisive and contentious one, there is a silver lining here for travellers from other parts of the world. With the UK Sterling currency sitting at an historic low, this will ultimately make your travel arrangements in the UK more affordable, as your dollars will go further overseas. From savings on your UK visa application costs, to the reality that your Aussie/Kiwi/Canadian dollars will go a little further in the UK – it’s a good time to head off to the UK, financially speaking!


Finally, with any contentious decisions like this one, it’s important to be tolerant and respectful of all viewpoints on the matter. The pro/anti EU debate is one that’s been happening in the UK for some time. This is a decision that will have an effect on the entire world, but more than that, one that will have major implications for UK and EU Passport holders directly. Be respectful, enjoy your time in the UK, and be thankful that the opportunity to work and travel abroad is one that we still have (not to be taken for granted)!

If you have any other questions about BREXIT, and how it does or does not affect your ability to travel to the UK, contact one of our travel consultants today, and we can happily help you navigate your way to the UK working holiday of a lifetime!

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