What does ‘Freedom Day’ in the UK actually mean?

freedom day in the UK

This week we’ve heard a lot of talk about Freedom Day in the UK. The fourth and final stage of restrictions in the UK were lifted on Monday, 19 July. We’ll break down what this means for living and working in the UK as well as travel. 

What’s the current COVID situation in the UK

Over 88% of the adult population in the UK have had at least one vaccination, with 69% being fully vaccinated. Source: BBC News.

The UK has seen a dramatic improvement in both hospitalisations and deaths due to COVID thanks to the successful vaccine rollout. 

The lifting of restrictions has been much anticipated, paving the way for other nations to see how we can live with the virus and return to some sense of normality.

What restrictions are being lifted?

  • Nightclubs have opened; pubs, restaurants and venues will have no capacity restrictions
  • Social distancing is no longer required
  • Masks are no longer mandatory (except on the tube in London for the time being)
  • No legal requirement to check-in at venues 
  • No travel restrictions within the UK and traffic light system introduced for international travel 

In recent weeks we’ve seen large scale events take place again in the UK including Wimbledon and the The UEFA European Football Championship. 

Scenes from the stadium for the Euro Football Championship.

Can I travel abroad from the UK?

Yes you can. Many Brits are enjoying a European summer jetting off to countries such as Italy, Greece and Croatia. The traffic light systems is currently in place and it outlined below.

  • When returning from a green list country no restrictions apply
  • When returning from an amber list country you do not have to self-isolate if you are fully vaccinated. A 10 day isolation period applies and a pre departure PCR test if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • When returning from a red list country you will need to complete hotel quarantine for a 10 day period and obtain a pre-departure PCR test 

Information on which countries are on the green, amber and red list can be found online here.  

The streets of Naxos, Greece

Am I eligible to be vaccinated in the UK? 

If you’re travelling on a working holiday visa, either the Youth Mobility Scheme or Ancestry visa, you will need to pay a healthcare surcharge. This means when you reside in the UK you’re eligible to use the healthcare system, and will be able to get vaccinated at no cost. 

How can I go and enjoy some freedom in the UK? 

Absolutely! We’ve had many people depart on working holiday programmes throughout the pandemic.

For those travelling from Australia, you’ll need to get a travel exemption, which is easy to obtain if you have a job offer in the UK and are leaving for 3+ months. 

When travelling from New Zealand you don’t need a travel exemption. If you’re from anywhere else please contact us and our travel team will talk you through options of heading to the UK. 

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