What makes pub culture in the UK the BEST in the world

What makes pub culture in the UK the best in the world

Pub culture in the UK is a huge part of the identity of the nation. It literally cannot be overstated how important their influence on British society is. Famous 17th-century diarist Samuel Pepys once described pubs as “the heart of England,” and that’s still pretty much true.

As you’d expect, you’ll find them everywhere throughout the UK. In every town, village, and city, and are usually the backbone of local life and nightlife. Once just male-dominated drinking holes, pubs today are universal, family-friendly and just all-round awesome. Here’s why.

Nice old buildings

You’ll usually find pubs inside classically British buildings. Think thatched roofs, small doors, wonky corridors and worn stone floors. Throw in some chunky wooden furniture that looks like it’s been there for centuries, in some cases it has. Some of the oldest pubs in the UK are situated in buildings that were put up way back in the 1600s.

Even some of the chain pubs in the UK, like Wetherspoons, make use of old buildings taking up residence in old churches and cinemas to give life into slices of British heritage. It’s always a pleasure to sit in a pub.

What makes pub culture in the UK the BEST in the world

They’re great all year round

No matter what time of year, a pub is a place you want to be. In summer (well, on a good day in summer), pubs are packedfull of friends and families enjoying an afternoon of food, drink and merriment. It’s classic pub culture in the UK. Sometimes they’re so busy it can find a place to sit – especially if the setting is riverside.

However, it’s not just about summer. Winters bring those same crowds to enjoy drinks around open fires. Or cozied up around a big table with good people, ready to tuck into a roast dinner.

Speaking of which:

Sunday roasts are where it’s at

For a bit of culinary tradition, head to a pub on a Sunday. Roast dinners are served up and down the nation. If you’re reading this wondering what it’s all about, get involved – it’s all about roasted pork, chicken, or beef, Yorkshire puddings, delicious gravy and heaps of – sometimes bottomless – vegetables.

Don’t worry – vegan and vegetarian options are a staple nowadays. Pub culture in the UK literally wouldn’t be the same without roasts, so it’s only right that everyone can enjoy ‘em.

Pub grub

It’s not just about the roasts – pub food has come a long way since the 1970s, and in many of the cities you’ll find pubs serving up some truly amazing meals. These can be as much of an attraction as the beers on offer – we’re talking restaurant quality food here.

Then again, a simple country pub might just serve up some traditional but equally delicious fare. How about a sandwich with doorstopper bread? Fish and chips if you’re at the coast? Or nothing quite goes down like a ploughman’s lunch after your hike in the countryside.

The atmosphere

If you thought British people were reserved and quiet, go to a pub and have your preconceptions smashed. Pubs are where British people go to let their hair down, so on any given weekend night (or even on weekday evenings), you’ll find pubs abuzz with chat, laughter, and banter. That’s pub culture in the UK for you.

This can also be a good way to get chatting to local people too. When you’re at the bar ordering your drink, it’s not hard to strike up a conversation with whoever’s next to you ordering their pint.

That’s entertainment

Pubs are renowned for entertainment. It’s not just the patrons providing the banter at the bar – you might find the pub you’re visiting has a chalk board with the week’s events listed. Midweek can mean a pub quiz happening – get together a team and try your luck. Some pubs put on live music or even comedy at the weekend, with bands and comics taking center stage to really ramp up the energy.

pub blackboard with events

They’re not all the same

From the ramshackle one-man-and-his-dog country pubs, to the swankiest of gastropubs in city centers, almost every single pub is different. They have different vibes, cater to different people, and well, there’s something for everyone out there.

If you’re a heavy metal fan, some pubs cater for you – think metal-only jukeboxes, a music-loving crowd, and gigs in the backroom. There are also spots-focused pubs that screen sporting events and important football matches on projectors or multiple TVs. There are the chain pubs – the go-to in every British high street – that offer pints for as low two quid. Finally, there are the fancy-looking Victorian style pubs of London and Portsmouth, and other city centers, that keep that old school pub atmosphere alive.

If you’ve been inspired to sample the best of the UK’s pubs for yourself, get in touch with us at the UK Pub Co. Your hospitality job and accommodation will be sorted before you leave – so you can visit as many pubs as possible when you arrive!

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