Tell us your favourite Taylor Swift era and we’ll show you where in the UK to travel next

where in the UK to travel next

By Jess Borten

Find out where in the UK to travel next based on your fave Taylor Swift album. Taylor is currently taking her record-breaking Eras Tour all over the United Kingdom. Swift will perform a total of 10 concerts across Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London before returning in mid-August for five more nights in England’s capital.

If you’ve been anywhere on planet Earth this past year, you’ll have no doubt seen something about the Eras tour – at this point, social media is nothing but glittery outfits and friendship bracelets. But just in case you’ve been hiding out on Jupiter, here’s a quick rundown: the Eras Tour is a three-hour, sequence-studded musical epic showcasing songs from every album (minus Debut). Throughout the night, Swift performs dazzling renditions of her greatest hits, including the soul-destroying All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10 Minute Version).

If you’re one of the lucky 1.1 million+ fans who scored a ticket to the UK lineup, you might want to check out what fabulous places England, Scotland and Wales have to offer. Not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered; tell us your favourite Taylor Swift Era and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Debut: the Peak District

Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut album elicits images of cowboy boots, acoustic guitars, and vast farmlands covered in thick, green fields with roaming horses. If you’re an OG fan who can’t stop thinking about Drew, Tim McGraw or that old pickup truck, take a road trip through the beautiful Peak District and live out your country girl dreams.

Fearless: The Cotswolds

Think fairytale streets, sun-dappled smiles and quaint village towns surrounded by British countryside. Swift’s second country album, Fearless, is all about teenage romance and heartbreak. But it also commemorates that fierce, youthful delusion that love is synonymous with fairytales and happy endings. Take a drive through the Cotswolds to relive your romantic, adolescent dreams. 

Speak now: the North Coast 500

Magical and theatrical, Taylor Swift’s third album takes listeners on an enchanting journey through fantasy lands. Much like Scotland’s NC 500, Speak Now is overflowing with kingdom lights and crumbling castles. If you have eight days and a set of wheels (or a horse carriage), consider a road trip along the Scottish coast, witnessing some of Scotland’s most magical sights. Be on the lookout for thieves in ripped-up jeans and former flames declaring their love at church alters.

where in the UK to travel next

Red: Snowdonia in Autumn

Toss me the car keys to your new Maserati and let’s skip town to the beautiful Snowdonia National Park in north Wales. On the drive down, we’ll play classics from Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album “Red”. We’ll stop only to admire the incredible views. Snowdonia is Wales’ largest National Park, featuring an array of mountain ranges, rivers and small towns. From September, the landscape is aurified by red, orange and golden leaves falling down like pieces into place.

1989: St Ives

This 2014 album saw Taylor Swift transition from country music legend to global pop sensation. Featured songs, such as “Shake It Off” and “Style”, catapulted Swift’s career to new heights. This soundtrack cemented her as a mega star in the pop genre. If 1989 is your favourite era, head to St Ives in Cornwall. Here, you’ll find peaceful beaches, seaside picnic spots and, of course, plenty of friendly seagulls. Don’t forget your blue dress and Polaroid camera.
where in the UK to travel next

Reputation: Birmingham

Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album Reputation is notoriously overlooked. Similarly, Birmingham is typically disregarded as a holiday destination. One of England’s major cities, Birmingham has galleries to visit, museums to explore, as well as a vibrant city centre.

Lover: London

I won’t threaten you with a good time, but if you fancy yourself a Loverfest mourner/nostalgic, London is the place for you. The city Taylor Swift briefly called home is so much more than grey skies and rainy cab rides. There’s Camden Market, nights in Brixton and afternoons drinking pints in corner pubs.
where in the UK to travel next

Folklore: the Lake District OR the White Cliffs of Dover

If you like Windermere peaks, wearing knitted cardigans and sweet tea in the summer, take a trip to the Lake District. If you prefer salt air and mad women in seaside mansions, head south to the White Cliffs of Dover. Either way, don’t tell Inez! 

Evermore: Scottish Highlands

Misty forest paths. Secluded, candle-lit cabins. Love letters and plaid coats. Is this your vibe? You’re probably an Evermore aficionado. Taylor Swift’s ninth album is an ideal soundtrack for rainy evenings sipping red wine and reading classics somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.   

Midnights: Manchester

Midnights is a technicoloured infusion of dream-pop and electronica, winning Taylor Swift her record-breaking fourth Album of the Year Grammy. The edgy energy of Swift’s 10th studio album is personified in Manchester’s trendy and vibrant Northern Quarter. You can find independent record stores and live music down every alleyway. You’ll need plenty of glitter eyeshadow for a night out in this district. 

The Tortured Poets Department: Edinburgh

And finally, for all the tortured poets writing sonnets on antique typewriters, you might consider a retreat in Edinburgh. Say “So long, London” and catch the next train north to this mystical city. You’ll be greeted by cobblestoned streets, hidden alleyways and cozy cafes on every corner. Fun fact: Edinburgh was dubbed the “City of Literature” by UNESCO, making it the perfect place to finish…the manuscript.

where in the UK to travel next

Jess was a UK Pub Co. participant in 2022/2023. She worked and travelled making unforgettable memories and loads of new friends. If Jess’s story inspires you to look at moving to the UK, then take a look at our our Working Holiday opportunities. 

Thanks Jess for the advice on where in the UK to travel next. 

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