Why moving to the UK could be good for your pocket

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The news might seem like it’s filled with doom and gloom at the moment, especially when it comes to life in the UK. The country’s cost of living crisis has been causing a lot of people to worry if they can afford their normal lives. The price of everyday essentials is going up – as is the price people pay for their energy.

But things aren’t all bad! There’s still lots of amazing things about living in the UK and, for those who are thinking about making the move to the British Isles, we’re here to tell you that it might actually help you save money.

You are going to save a lot of money on rent

Most of us end up spending a sizable chunk of our wages on rent but not if you move to the UK. On average your rent will be £70 a week. That’s roughly only AU$130. You won’t have to pay for expensive internet every month either as wifi will be included too.

Not only that, but when you’re working a shift you’ll usually get meals at discounted prices – sometimes even completely free. All of that adds up to saving some serious cash, which you can spend having an amazing time exploring the UK and further afield. 

Saving Money while living in the UK

Nature is everywhere

For those of you who like to spend time in the great outdoors, the UK is perfect for you. The country is connected up by an almost endless number of walking trails that are well-maintained and company free.  There’s also some stunning beaches to spend sunny days relaxing on and ancient forests for cozy autumnal walks. 

The UK is more than London

We’re going to let you into a little secret: The UK is definitely not all about London and if you want to save some cash, then it’s a good idea to think about basing yourself elsewhere in the country. There’s so many vibrant towns and cities (e.g. Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, etc.) dotted across the country and they pretty much all have much lower costs of living than London.

We have partnered with an extensive list of hotels, pubs and even country estates spread across the entire UK. This means you have a fantastic variety of locations to choose from, all of which offer a slightly different experience. The best part, it’s totally up to you where you go!

But if you do decide to live in London…

Aside from being a buzzing global city, one of the perks of living in London is that the wages are higher. You can get paid a lot more for your job if you work in London when compared to other places.

You don’t have to travel far to get anywhere

The UK is a pretty small nation which means you can travel across the country in a few hours. Getting around the country doesn’t have to be too expensive either, if you book train tickets in advance you can save a lot of money and there’s also budget-friendly long-distance buses, too. 

And because you’ll be part of the UK Pub Co family there’s a whole range of travel discounts and deals you can make full use of. 

Europe is on the doorstep

There’s a whole host of other European nations just a short flight from the UK. Budget-friendly flights regularly connect up dream destinations like Spanish islands and Croatian cities, so you can finally tick off your travel bucket list without breaking the bank.

You can get some great food for low prices

Once known as a country that had a reputation for tasteless food, the UK has undergone a foodie revolution. This means that good food and fresh ingredients are readily available and it’s not unusual for people to whip up their own meals at home.

You can save on ingredients at affordable grocery stores, meet up with new mates for picnics or home-cooked dinners and save money while you’re at it. Not only that, but a lot of independent eateries also offer lunch deals that are great value for money. 

Public health is free and prescriptions are unlimited

Health care in the UK is free at the point of access. This means that if you’re living and working in the UK you can visit the doctor, call an ambulance or take a trip to the A&E without it costing anything at all. The NHS also provides access to affordable medication so that everybody can have access to prescription drugs without a big price tag. 

It’s normal to house-share with others

You might not realize it, but you don’t need to splash the cash of huge rents just to have a place of your own. It’s really normal for people to rent a room in a house or flat in the UK. This means that you might be able to afford an area that was out of your budget otherwise. People also rent rooms in private houses, which can be a really good way to save money and meet people, too.

There’s a ton of free things to do

Ever spent your days off trying to find things to do, but they always seem too expensive? Well, don’t you worry! The UK has an incredibly long list of things to do for free.

No matter where you’re based in the country, chances are you will be able to find something free to keep you entertained. There’s usually a free local festival or event taking place, a free world-class museum to explore, and a historic city-centre to wander around.

Free festivals in the UK

While everyone will be talking and complaining about cost of living, inflation etc you could be working in the UK, meeting great people, saving money and travelling around Europe. Which option do you think it’s better?

If you think the second one is the right one for you, check the links for hotels, pubs, chefs or barista opportunities.

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