Why UK Pub Co?

We’ve partnered with over 700 pubs, hotels and resorts throughout the United Kingdom to offer the very best in Working Holiday opportunities for travellers who are keen to immerse themselves in the British way of life. Whether you feel the Scottish Isles are calling your name, perhaps you would rather replenish the glasses of the Manchester University crowd or ply your trade in some of the finest venues across London, we’ll pair you with the perfect placement that you will be proud to call home.

In the lead up to your Working Holiday, the UK Pub Co team will work closely with you to identify your skills, interests and ideal destination. Once we've done this we will present you with a placement that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re more at home behind the bar, waiting tables, or preparing hearty British food, we have a constant demand from our placement partners who seek motivated, hard-working and outgoing individuals seeking guaranteed employment across the UK.

On your days off you’re free to take in the history and charm of your new neighborhood and beyond. From the beautiful, pebbled beaches of Brighton; to the rolling hills of Yorkshire; the world really is your oyster. Don't forget everything is so close in the UK so even lunch in the thriving metropolis of London isn't out of the question.  Did we mention Europe is (on a sunny day) viewable from the UK coastline? A Working Holiday in the UK really does provide you with endless opportunities!

How We Started

Our History

We started back in 1997 when a group of Publican's (individuals who own Pub's) banded together to ensure young backpackers were provided with the BEST working holiday opportunities. Our founders grew tired of hearing horror stories from young Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian's arriving in London; working horrendous hours for minimal pay in atrocious conditions. These horror stories proved to be the catalyst of change and The Original London Pub Co was born.  In 2009, we rebranded to the UK Pub Co which better represented our growing operation which now covers the entire UK!


How We Started

Our Evolution

Our Evolution


For decades it has always been regarded as a 'right of passage' for young people to travel, live and work in the United Kingdom but there was never a single entity that provided a one-stop solution for those seeking work in the hospitality sector; that was until 1997 when the Original London Pub Company was created. 

We were quickly recognised by employers in the United Kingdom as a solution for sourcing motivated, outgoing and experienced young people seeking a working holiday opportunity and participants traditionally from Australia and New Zealand were applying in droves to be secure permanent live-in accommodation and guaranteed employment prior to leaving home. 

So popular, we quickly gain an invaluable reputation across London which soon spread across the United Kingdom. 

The 2000's

Having all survived the turn of the century and the Y2K bug (ask your parents if you don't know what this is) we decided for a fresh image and new look. This new look coincided with our programme almost tripiling in size as more young people became uneasy about the astronomical costs of living in the UK without a guarenteed income. 

We quickly expanded our Australian office and our operations grew to include full time staff in New Zealand (Auckland) and Canada (Vancouver). Equally, our employment partners recognised the invaluble work our team and participants brought to their establishments which lead to the development and introduction of our Chef & Kitchen programmes. This was an industry first for the UK and further cemented the Original London Pub Co as a leading provider in UK working holidays. 

The 2000's



In 2011 it was time for another refresh of the company image; we needed to recognise our growing number of placement partners who were hotels and resorts across the UK and not just our existing pub network. We also needed to show that we represented opportunities across the entire United Kingdom and not just London. It was there that the UK Pub Co was created. 

At this point, we recognised that whilst our name and logo may have changed, we remain true to our origins. The team continues to work tirelessly to redevelop and refine our programme opportunities, always striving to under promise but over deliver on our programme offerings and ensure we remain the most ethical company in the sector. 

We are proud of our history and excited for our future..... we want you, like the 25,000+ former participants, to join us on the journey.



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