Working Holiday travellers in high demand in the UK

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The UK is slowly but surely starting to return to normal. We’ve seen pubs and restaurants reopen, travel resuming and a great vaccination rollout. With this, Working Holiday travellers are in high demand in the UK. Those eligible to work on the Youth Mobility Scheme (Working Holiday) visa will find a load of opportunities.

Particularly for pub jobs this can be seen in the hospitality industry. Many restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes have seen a decrease in onshore staff. 

Why is there a high demand for international workers?

Factors include Brexit and the pandemic. These industries would rely heavily on European workers, as well as Working Holiday visa holders, who have returned to their home countries. 

Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), has said the length of time of the shutdown of businesses has led to as many as half saying that up to 50% of staff will not return to their old jobs… instead sticking with new opportunities they had been forced to take up during the pandemic.

“There are severe staffing shortages,” said Kill. “A lot of workers are from Europe, so Brexit has had an impact. And there is the ‘furlough hangover’ where a lot of people have now got other jobs to keep themselves going and are not coming back.” Source: The Guardian

What does this mean for pub jobs?

On May 17 indoor service resumed for the hospitality sector in the UK, and towards the end of the month more restrictions are expected to be lifted. 

Luckily for us at UK Pub Co. we see first hand the availability and jobs available across the UK.

“We’re receiving emails daily from new establishments across the UK with jobs ready to go. These positions vary from front of house to chef and kitchen hands. They’re looking for young people on a Working Holiday Visa ,ready for a live-in job opportunity while they travel and explore the UK…” Nick, CEO of UK Pub Co says.

Can I travel to the UK?

“The good news is that Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians can depart for these Working Holiday opportunities with a travel exemption. For Australians obtaining a travel exemption, you must be departing Australia for more than 3 months or have a valid job offer. We’ve had a number of Aussies depart since January on their Gap Year programmes. All have successfully been granted a travel exemption.”

With almost 80% of over 18s in the UK having received their first vaccination, the UK is on track for hospitality venues to stay open. This would be a welcomed opportunity for hospitality staff from Australia and Canada who continue to lose work due to snap lockdowns and limited government support. 

With travel bubbles also on the horizon from the UK, a European summer could very much be on the cards. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to our team about securing a pub job in the UK, contact us today. 

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