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Welcome to the Lake District

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? Cameron is working in the Lake District, living his dream. There’s so much to discover when placed in the countryside with The UK Pub Co. Read on to learn about his story. 

Written by UK Pub Co. participant Cameron Twiss

“When guests ask me; why in the world are you here, in the Lake District?  I simply just answer their question by gesturing with my hand to the picturesque view out the window of the beautiful lake with the mountains all around.  “Sir it’s quite simple when this is your view every day, it genuinely feels as though I have won the lottery”. 

It still feels like a wild dream. A dream where I am getting sore from consistently pinching myself, but clearly, as I’m wide awake it’s not a dream and this is my life.

So working in the Lake District at the four-star hotel Lodore Falls as a waiter is an absolutely remarkable, intense rewarding and delightful place to work. When I first arrived here I was quite taken aback at how diverse the team here is, with a good majority of the managers and chefs from South Africa. 

Everyone you come across here has very different backgrounds and different experiences from their first ever job to being a middle-aged man who is teaching yoga on the side and has earned the nickname here as the yoga master.

Every day here is so different. Yes, we are doing the same odd jobs each day. However, sometimes you can have a tough day or night, and everything possible could go wrong in service. Or you could get the polar opposite, where nothing goes wrong and you have a great service. 

My new thing now is when I have any bad service days, to remember each day the clock rests and we start again fresh.

My manager is South African and has an incredibly dry sense of humour. For instance, his favourite phrase and expression is telling the team to “do something”, doesn’t matter if in the middle of service or the end of service and I’m carrying hot plates. In a very calm, controlled manner he will deliver the “do something” line,  it’s a bit of back and forth that’s a bit of fun.

With my off days I explore the area, a quite popular walking track directly across the lake called Catbells has a spectacular view overlooking the area with 360 views in every direction. It takes roughly 2hrs there and back, the last leg is quite steep though and you can feel the burn in your calves as you get higher and steeper. 

Thinking you have made it to the top but then all of a sudden there is a sharp turn to your right as you are huffing and puffing your lungs out.  Eventually all of a sudden you make it to the top,  and just like that the madness and chaotic service is over,  and you can breathe again, that you made it through the storm.

Being in the kitchen during service is a wild, intense, fast-paced, adrenalin-filled, fist-pumping feeling. If you’re not dripping from sweat or if your hands are not struggling from the heat of the plates, then something is wrong. 

With numerous people in the kitchen doing various jobs, it can be like an episode of Dancing with the Stars, as it’s one step forward to avoid this and slide to my right to avoid that.”

Cameron – thank you so much for sharing your story with us! 

If you’re ready to follow in Cameron’s footsteps and make the move to the UK, we’d love to hear from you! To get started with a UK hospitality job, take a look at our Working Holiday programs.  

We hope to help you on your journey soon. 

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